Honeywell Satellite XT

Honeywell Satellite XT

Honeywell gas detector with display and smart sensors.

Transmitter with built-in display and 4-20 mA output signal (relay outputs optional). With unique “”sensor service”” to avoid traditional calibration with test gas.

The obvious choice for exotic gases such as chlorine dioxide ClO2, sulfur dioxide SO2, ozone O3 and others. where bottled calibration gas is not available or is unsuitable for handling.

Measurable gases: Explosive gases (LEL), arsine AsH3, diborane B2H6, bromine Br2, chlorine Cl2, chlorine trifluoride ClF3, chlorine dioxide ClO2, carbon monoxide CO, phosgene COCl2, acetaldehyde C2H4O (ETO), fluorine F2, germane GeH4, hydrogen H2, hydrogen sulfide H2S , hydrogen selenide H2Se, hydrogen bromide HBr, hydrogen chloride HCl, hydrogen cyanide HCN, bis (trimethylsilyl)amine HMDS, hydrazine N2H4, ammonia NH3, nitrogen oxide NO, nitrogen dioxide NO2, oxygen O2, ozone O3, phosphine PH3, sulfur hexafluoride SF6, silane SiH4, sulfur dioxide SO2, tetraethyl orthosilicate TEOS and trimethylborane TMB.