Honeywell Searchline Excel

Honeywell Searchline Excel

Honeywell Open Path IR gas detector (line detector) for explosive gases (ATEX).

Open Path Transmitter (Line detector) with infrared technology (IR) for combustible gases, 4-20 mA output signal, Modbus as an option.

[ATEX] Not affected by sunlight, rain or fog. Long-term stable with little maintenance. Available in three variants for distances 5-40 meters, 40-120 meters and 120-200 meters. Suitable central unit is System 57.

Measurable gases:
Flammable gases LEL
Methane CH4
Propane C3H8
Ethane C2H6
Butane C4H10
Pentane C5H12
Ethylene C2H4
Propylene C3H6
Ethanol C2H60
Methanol CH40

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