RW15 Constant flow valve

RW15 Constant flow valve

RW 15 is a constant flow valve that is available in two flow ranges. 1 – 12 l/min alternatively 5 – 30 l/min.

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RW15 is manufactured in bronze and stainless steel. It is available with two flow ranges and gives as min. 1 and as max. 30 l/min. Inlet and outlet are connection G 1/2. The flow is set with the knob and the scale is graduated in the current measurement range in l/min. The setting is lockable.

RW15 can be used for clean or moderately contaminated liquids that do not attack the constituent materials. It is used in many contexts, e.g. to calibrate water meters, for dosing, cooling, sealing water, etc. RW-15 is especially suitable for restricting flows. The unique function means that it delivers the set flow regardless of pressure variations in the network.