Honeywell Sensepoint XRL

Honeywell Sensepoint XRL

Honeywell gas detector with Bluetooth (ATEX)

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Thanks to Honeywell’s use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, you can install and maintain your Sensepoint XRL gas detector – directly from your smartphone. Use Honeywell’s Sensepoint App (Android) to wirelessly perform many tasks – from calibrating, or checking error codes – from up to 10 meters away. Sensepoint XCL is available for the detection of combustible gases and or as a detector for toxic gases commonly found in industrial facilities.

Measurable gases: Explosive gases LEL/vol% [IR/Kat], chlorine CL2, chlorine dioxide ClO2, carbon monoxide CO, carbon dioxide CO2 [IR], hydrogen H2, hydrogen sulphide H2S, hydrogen fluoride HF, ammonia NH3, nitrogen oxide NO, nitrogen dioxide NO2, oxygen O2 , phosphine PH3 and sulfur dioxide SO2.

Sensepoint XRL Datasheet