Gas detector for up to 5 gases.

Monitor up to five potential atmospheric hazards simultaneously with this multi-gas detector. The GasAlertMicro5 can be adapted to a number of different applications and has an extensive selection of options that can be set by the user. It is available as standard model for toxic gas detection, IR model for carbon dioxide CO2 detection or PID model for VOC detection; volatile organic hydrocarbons. Examples of VOCs are acetone, ammonia, benzene, diesel, ethanol and petrol.

Measurable gases:
Hydrogen sulfide H2S
Carbon monoxide CO
Oxygen O2
Sulfur dioxide SO2
Phosphine PH
Chlorine Cl2
Ammonia NH3
Nitrogen dioxide NO2
Hydrogen cyanide HCN
Chlorine dioxide ClO
Ozone O3
Flammable gases LEL