Fuji O2 Oxygen Analyzer

Fuji O2 Oxygen Analyzer

Zirconium oxygen analyzers for continuous on-site flue gas measurement, ideal for combustion control optimization of combustion efficiency and compliance with environmental requirements.

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This oxygen analyzer is used to continuously measure the oxygen concentration in combustion gas from industrial boilers or furnaces, small and large, and is ideal for combustion management and control, as a combustion regulator, providing a significant energy saving effect.

Oxygen concentration control ensures complete combustion, which reduces SOx and NOx emissions and helps prevent global warming and air pollution.

The electronics are available in two housing designs:

  • IP66 version (ZKMA)
  • IP67 version (ZKMB)

Occurring industries: steel, power, petroleum / petrochemical, paper / pulp, food and textile industry
Incineration process: garbage incinerators from the smallest to the largest, as a combustion regulator


  • New Hart Protocol
  • Reduced combustion air
  • Economy through increased combustion efficiency
  • The lifetime of the combustion plant increases
  • Easily replaceable zirconium element

High security level:
o The converter cuts off the power supply to the detector when it detects a burnout of the thermocouple.
o The inverter also shuts down the power supply in an emergency, in response to an external contact input.
o The code lock function prevents incorrect use.

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