Bex LA DN80

Bex LA DN80

Bexvalves DN80 are usually used for draining pipes and tanks.

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The ball is basically part of the pipe wall and the valve has full passage. When the valve opens, the cone of the flange contributes to an acceleration of the medium and faster drainage. As the medium does not become sedimented in front of the ball, the velocity through the valve accelerates very quickly. If the pipe or tank is ventilated, the drainage will also take place quickly. The function and construction of the LA valve means that you can usually reduce the dimension of an imaginary drain valve.

If the valve is used as a branch from the stem, the attachment is strong and pipe sweeping is usually not required at the valve. The center of gravity of the valve is approx. 80 mm from the pipe wall and the valve weight is approx. 8 kg. When it is equipped with a rotatable welding end, the risk of stress loading in the connections downstream is reduced, while assembly is facilitated.